1. 4 years ago 

    Anonymous said: Did Julie Benz get a boob job?

    Many sources say yes. I believe it, mainly because past pictures and current pictures have a certain difference in size. I can make a comparison in a picture, if you’d like.


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Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan)
Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan)
Julie Benz (Rita Bennet-Morgan)
Desmond Harrington (Joey Quinn)
C.S Lee (Vince Masuka)
David Zayas (Angel Batista)
Lauren Velez (Maria Laguerta)
James Remar (Harry Morgan)
Erik King (James Doakes)

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Season 1:

1.01 Dexter
1.02 Crocodile
1.03 Popping Cherry
1.04 Let's Give The Boy A Hand
1.05 Love American Style
1.06 Return To Sender
1.07 Circle of Friends
1.08 Shrink Wrap
1.09 Father Knows Best
1.10 Seeing Red
1.11 Truth Be Told
1.12 Born Free

Season 2:
2.01 It's Alive
2.02 Waiting To Exhale
2.03 An Inconvenient Lie
2.04 See-Through
2.05 The Dark Defender
2.06 Dex, Lies and Videotape
2.07 That Night, A Forest Grew
2.08 Morning Comes
2.09 Resistance Is Futile
2.10 There's Something About Harry
2.11 Left Turn Ahead
2.12 The British Invasion

Season 3:
3.01 Our Father
3.02 Finding Freebo
3.03 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
3.04 All In The Family
3.05 Turning Biminese
3.06 Si Se Puede
3.07 Easy as Pie
3.08 The Damage a Man Can Do
3.09 About Last Night
3.10 Go Your Own Way
3.11 I Had A Dream
3.12 Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

Season 4:

4.01 Living The Dream
4.02 Remains To Be Seen
4.03 Blinded by the Light
4.04 Dex Takes A Holiday
4.05 Dirty Harry
4.06 If I Had A Hammer
4.07 Slack Tide
4.08 Road Kill
4.09 Hungry Man
4.10 Lost Boys
4.11 Hello, Dexter Morgan
4.12 The Getaway

Season 5:
5.01 My Bad
5.02 Hello, Bandit
5.03 Practically Perfect
5.04 Beauty and the Beast
5.05 First Blood
5.06 Everything Is Illuminated
5.07 Circle Us
5.08 Take It!
5.09 Teenage Wasteland
5.10 In the Beginning
5.11 Hop a Freighter
5.12 The Big One

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